Lightning Trigger App


Lightning Trigger™ App can be used to detect and capture flashes and is simple to use. The Lightning Trigger App is a high quality, ultra-sensitive lightning/flash capture app designed to provide the photographer with the ability to photograph lightning easily during the day or at night.


“ Great Little App! I hate it when I have my camera pointed in one direction and a gigantic bolt strikes in the opposite direction but thanks to the Lightning Trigger App I can have both areas covered! It’s also great for sharing awesome lightning photos via Twitter or Facebook when it happens instead of waiting to get home to process photos.” – Marcelo Albuquerque @COSpotter_MJA, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A

“Galaxy S3 Worked just like it said it would. The camera would fire for even the CC flashes as well as CG that weren’t in the cameras view. Well worth the money. :-)” – Johnny dickinson, Iraan, Texas, U.S.A

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